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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Critical Mass Turns 15 This Month

It was in August of 1992 that a group of bike messengers decided to ride together through the streets of San Francisco to highlight the lack of regard they were getting from motorists, and the danger cyclists face in the city.

In the fifteen years since then, Critical Mass has spread to over 300 cities on six continents, and the rides in many cities (including San Francisco) regularly attract thousands of people. The event is yet young in Montreal, but we're building on a proud tradition. We can look to the examples of other municipal governments who have been forced to wake up to the need for a safe place for cyclists on the road.

So I propose a simple theme for this August: celebration. A celebration of the progress that's already been made, and a celebration of the healthy, safe, livable city we're still working to create.


The Los Angeles Times has published a three-page article on the history and direction of Critical Mass: When Bikes Rule the Road, Motorists Fume.