Some Rather Uninspired Essays.

Since I've more or less stopped writing random essays, but am posting reguarly to my blog on the topic of Israel/Palestine, I'll link to my blog postings first.

Israel/Palestine Blog Postings:

Israel's Return to Judaism

Why Israelis Support the Latest War on Gaza

Who are the stakeholders in the Israel/Palestine conflict?

Hamas, Violent Resistance, and Zionist Ideology

1948 - Benny Morris 3/11 The First Stage of the Civil War

Genuine Criticism of Religion vs. Falsification of History

Baruch Goldstein and Jewish Nazis


Hamas Charter and the Destruction of Israel

Why is Hamas more than 100 times better at avoiding civilian casualties than Israel?

1948 - Benny Morris 2/11 UN Partition Resolution

Where is Gaza? Where is Israel?

Israeli Settlements, the Barrier Wall and the Two-State Solution

Israel's Warnings, Collective Punishment and Killing Civilians

Blockade of Gaza: Collective Punishment (and Act of War?)

1948 - Benny Morris 1/11 Historical Background

Israel's "New Historians"

Parties in Israel's current coalition government (and their views on the two-state solution and settlements)

How big is Gaza? How big is Israel?

Why I care about Israel?

My biased view of the history of the Israel/Palestine conflict

Israel Shahak's books on the ideological and strategic bases of Israeli policy

Two of the best in-depth videos on Israel/Palestine

Who is to blame for Operation Protective Edge? (Kenyan vs Canadian perspective)

Why Hamas Shoots Rockets

The Pro-settler Perspective on a Solution to the Current Conflict in Gaza

BBC Interview with Norman Finkelstein on Gaza

The following essays while rough, unpolished (and unfinished) offer a decent basis for the understanding of my disturbed psyche.


Why I use Android Why I use Android devices, over the alternatives.

The Hacker Ethic: is it really new? How does the Hacker Worth Ethic compare to the Protestant Work Ethic? Is is really something revolutionary? Or is it just a new name for a familiar thing?

On Writing: 2 Hopefully the start of a book on computers and computer programming. Or yet another pointless essay... Only time will tell.

Android vs iPad

What's wrong with "server/web"-based applications?

On learning how to program

On imperative vs functional programming

On Writing

Learning C++ How good is C++? Is it better than C? What does that even mean?

Some thoughts on the iPad and Apple in general Is the iPad going to be the way of the future?

Social Networking Manifesto The future is as bright as we want it to be. But it's going to take a lot of work.

TRUSTNO1 vs. Philosophy Convoluted essay about my worldview.

Notes on NetBSD My thoughts about NetBSD. The BSD that doesn't suck :).

Why Debian Why I think that Debian is the one true OS.

Paradox of Piracy Why I doubt that abandonware will save our souls or TRUSTNO1 goes to college.

The "Global Culture": Postmodern half-truths and lies A pretty sucky essay or just another opportunity for me to rant and rave.

How and Why came to be This is my best essay. It offers a real understanding of where I come from.

21st Century BluesThis is much better than the Global Culture essay. I saved this for last because I quoted scripture and that's almost contradicting myself.

Some Rather Uninspired Book Reviews.

Here are some notes on various book I've read.

A Confederacy of Dunces Review not yet finished.

And here's a short list of some books I have read.

Books TRUSTNO1 has read

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