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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Bike Show

greetings bicycle lovers!

Here's a quick résumé of the meeting we had last sunday evening about
organizing a velorutionary resistance to the 'Salon de L'auto" (Car Show).

We were only three, so it would be cool to see others join us in this
effort. If You're feeling inspired, we'll be speaking about it again at a
'winter biking' workshop at the coop sur genereux this sunday 13 january,


Sunday 20 January, at the corner of Viger and St. Urbain, join us in
showing the car-crazy consumers what a truly beautiful design looks like.

While the 'Salon de L'Auto' goes on inside the Palais de Congres, we will
amuse ourselves despite the violence wrought by automobiles.

Bring your bike to the first, out-door, velo-rutionary bike show!
Why? A bike is...sexy, practical, fast, REALLY green, unique, mechanical,
puissant, aero-dynamic, feminist, cheap!

Decorate your bike! Put some energy into something really unique. There
will be a prize for the most beautiful bike!

There will also be a free community lunch, and music!

It would also be great to see strange machines and contraptions that have
been made from bike parts.

Get those 'two-talls', low-riders, fixeys, recumbants, unicycles,
trailers, all manners of pedal-power down to the 'Salon du Velo'!

It's a bike party in front of the Montreal Car Show!



Anonymous Delilah said...

Well written article.

October 28, 2008 12:25 PM  

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