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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bike-Radio-Velo! $free .mp3s...


'cyclists around mc'ill and conU talk about bikes- produced 9 may 2007 -

To hear from bicyclists and share their voices,
we took a portable recorder out on the streets to ask:
Why do you ride a bike?
What do you think of Montreal's bike infrastructure?
If you were the mayor of Montreal, what would you do to make bicyclists
Is there a bike community in Montreal? Do you feel like you are a part of it?

This was produced in preparation for the Grand Debut of Bike Radio on CKUT
90.3fm. Our first show will go live to air on thursday, may 24th, from
5-6pm. You can tune in live at 90.3 on your fm dial, or log on to
http://ckut.ca for the mp3 archives.

DOWNLOAD: http://mtlaudio.org/mp3s/9May07-BikeRadioInTheStreets-32Min.mp3
STREAM: http://mtlaudio.org/m3us/9May07-BikeRadioInTheStreets-32Min.m3u


le 30 avril, j'ai assister a un conference de presse avec Gerald Tremblay,
lui, c'est la maire de Montreal depuis longtemps,
J'ai apportay un enregistreur de mini-disc de ckut 90.3,
et apres j'ai fait des montages,
Vous pouvez les ecoute pendant que vous ecrit des couriel,
Il y a un version court:

DOWNLOAD: http://mtlaudio.org/mp3s/tremblay-7min.mp3
STREAM: http://mtlaudio.org/m3us/tremblay-7min.m3u

et un version long:

DOWNLOAD: http://mtlaudio.org/mp3s/30avril2007-RAW.mp3
STREAM: http://mtlaudio.org/m3us/30avril2007-RAW.m3u

Long live the organized coincidence! Bikey bikey! -charlie


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