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Last Friday of every month, 5:30pm


Phillips Square, Ste-Catherine @ Union


December 29 , 2006


December 19, 2006

From November's ride - an impromptu street party:


And no, we can't dance. :)

I can't beleive how many people showed up... we must have been at least 200. Can't wait for the xmas ride!


November 20, 2006

This month's ride is coming up fast, and we've got the theme: visibility! Winter is slowly beginning to make its presence felt, not least of all through fewer daylight hours. All the more reason to make a spectacle of yourself! So grab your fluorescent outfits; blinkers, flashers and reflectors... and I'll see you Friday!


November 2, 2006

It turns out last Friday's Mass was a huge success, so of course I had to miss it because of work... Someone counted about 150 riders, all in halloween costumes. Damn. If anyone's got movies or photos, please send them along!


October 17, 2006

Thanks to Laurent, there are a couple of new designs in the "flyers" section, have a look.

October's ride is coming up fast, and happens to fall dangerously close to HALLOWE'EN. Get costumed!


October 2, 2006

Fantastic ride! The weather was very unpleasant; 10C with rain off and on, but we still had a great turn-out - about 120-130 people.


The police presence was also much less repressive compared to last time... several cops were on bikes. I didn't like the fact that there were about five cruisers following behind, flashers running. It felt like, well, being followed by the police.

Check out the "photos/videos" section for more of such. Can't wait to see everyone at the end of October!


September 28, 2006

Concordia's independant paper the Link recently wrote up the Die-in, and the editor was kind enough to send me a couple of very nice photos taken at the event. They can be found in the appropriate section, and the article can be found [here].

Critical Mass is TOMORROW, people, and it looks like the weather might actually cooperate. Can't wait to see you there! This month's theme will be music; here's the official press release from Charlie:

Velorution - Sounds like a party!
friday 29 septembre - DEMAIN!
rendez-vous a 17h30 - ride at 6pm
Philips square - Ste. Catherines x Union

---> (pass it on! passez le mot!) <---

'bladers, skaters, bikers, marathon runners,
Bring your drums, buckets, anything to bang on,
bring your friends, families, dentists!
kazoos, digerydoos, trumpets, trombones,
Sound Noise MUSIC is the theme of the month!

+ Look forward to a special presentation from
members of 'le monde a bicyclette'...
Everyone's invited to get together after the
mass ride to check out some of Montreals' rich
history of theatrical bike activism...
Those paths didn't just happen, ya know!
---> (Location yet to be announced) <-------

September 22, 2006

Thanks to everyone who made it to the Die-in, I can't believe how many people showed up! I was also very impressed with the police; almost all of them were on bicycles and they didn't interfere more than was necessary. It seemed like they were just there to make sure everyone was safe.

Cops are very likeable when they're doing their job. :)

Photos can be found [here].


September 21, 2006

More media coverage - the Hour wrote up Critical Mass, and interviewed one rider about the unfortunate arrests that happened at the beginning of August's ride. You can read the story at [the Hour's website] or head over to the Media section.

It's a little strange that they referred to the "organisation" known as Critical Mass Montreal... it's flattering, but I'm just one guy running a website.


September 6, 2006