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Variable and function names

The names of variables and functions in a program serve as comments of a sort, so try to give your variables descriptive names (for example, num_of_books, cost_per_entry, or distance_from_center). Names should be in English, like other comments.

Use underscores rather than internal capitalization in names, so that Emacs word commands can be useful within them -- thus distance_from_center rather than distanceFromCenter or DistanceFromCenter. In fact, upper-case letters should be reserved for macros and enum constants. Macros should be completely in upper case, for example STANDARD_SIZE.

It used to be common practice to use the same local variables (with names like temp) over and over for different purposes within one function. Instead, it is better to declare a separate local variable for each distinct purpose, and give it a meaningful name. This not only makes programs easier to understand, it also facilitates optimization by good compilers.