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To declare a variable, write the type followed by a list of variables of that type:

type_name variable_name_1, ..., variable_name_n;

For example:

int last_year, cur_year;
long double earth_mass, mars_mass, venus_mass;
unsigned int num_pets;

long city_pop, state_pop;
state_pop = city_pop = 5000000;

short moon_landing = 1969;

float temp1, temp2, temp3;
temp1 = 98.6;
temp2 = 98.7;
temp3 = 98.5;

double bignum, smallnum;
bignum = 2.36e208;
smallnum = 3.2e-300;

Always declare your variables. A compiler will catch a missing declaration every time and terminate compilation, complaining bitterly. (You will often see a host of error messages, one for each use of the undeclared variable. See Debugging.)