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Tenant Questionnaire

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Number of Rooms:
Landlord Name:
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1. Did the landlord ask for anything beside 1st month's rent upon signing? Yes No
2. Were there any language barriers? Yes No
3. Does the landlord respect his/her Obligations? Yes No
If No on question 3, which ones?
Dwelling not delivered in good condition. Doesn't provide peaceable enjoyment of dwelling throughout term of lease
Doesn't make necessary repairs. Changed the form or destination of the dwelling

Rate from 1-5

4. Were they honest prior to lease agreement?
5. Was the lease agreement process straightforward?
6. Does he/she respect your privacy as a tenant?
7. How easy is it to contact the landlord (Availability)?
8. How quickly does he/she respond to concerns (responsiveness)?
9. Does he/she act in a professional manner?